Synthetic Primer (Fast Drying)
Description :
Synthetic primer is a cold applied, fast drying primer consisting of chlorinated rubber, synthetic plasticizer and solvents. It produces a suitable and effective bond between metal surface and subsequent tape system.
Drying Time :
5 – 15 minutes.
Coverage :
8 – 12 sq. mts/ lt. on a properly cleaned surface.
Packing :
20/30 lts. drums
Storage :
Primer should be stored away from sunlight and naked flame.
Application :
Synthetic Primer – Is compatible for using with anti-corrosive coal tar tape. Apply Primer by brush or spray to the prepared surface, which must be clean and dry (Optional: Commercial Blast Cleaning). It should be applied 100 mm beyond the area to be wrapped with tape. Let the primer dry before applying anti- corrosive coal tar tape. Synthetic Primer can also be used on stainless steel. A coat of primer may also be applied between the layers of coal tar tape.