Sun Tape
Description :
SUN TAPE is easy to use, anticorrosive coal tar based tape. It is designed for usage over a wide range of climatic conditions. It consists of a high tensile strength fabric completely saturated in specially formulated pliable coal tar. It has polyester film on either side to facilitate unwinding of the roll and acts as a protective outer wrap. This hot applied tape wrap system adds life to pipes and buries the problem of corrosion with buried pipes.
Thickness :
The SUN TAPE is available in 2 mm and 4 mm thickness.
Packing :
SUN TAPE is available in standard widths of 250 mm, 500 mm, 1000 mm. and standard length of 10 mts. and 20 mts.
Advantages :
- High electric resistance
- Absolute water impermeability
- Resistance to petroleum products, acids and alkali
- High resistance to soil chemicals, soil bacteria and plant growth.
- Good flexibility and temperature susceptibility
- Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces
- Cathodic disbonding resistivity
- Environment friendly
- Corrosion protection
- Easy to apply